GARBA NIGHT 2018 with Shyamal-Saumil & Aarti Munshi

07:00 PM, Saturday, 11th August 2018

400 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough 3173 VIC Australia

GARBA NIGHT 2018 with Shyamal-Saumil & Aarti Munshi
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SANDOOK EVENTS Introducing Shyamal Saumil & Aarti Munshi in Melbourne for the first time.

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Event Details

When – Saturday 11th August 2018
Venue – Springers Leisure Centre, 400 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough VIC 3173
Timings - Gate will open at 6:30 PM for 7:00 PM start
Gates will open at 6:30 pm for the 7:00 pm start. Please be there early to avoid unnecessary rush.

About the Event

Sandook Events work with talented Indian artist throughout the globe and organise events across different cities in Australia.

 As a part of this event we are introducing “Shyamal-Saumil-Aarti Munshi” to Melbourne for the first time for a memorable Garba Night!

 Munshi trio stands on a high pedestal aided and abided by their inherent knowledge of music and everything attached with it. They have been lavished with the blessings from their elders in the field, whereas their contemporaries have high regards for them. They have, in the true sense; carved out a special place in the hearts and minds of Gujarati music lovers and admirers all across the globe and we are very excited to invite them. 

About Shri Shyamal-Saumil Munshi & Aarti Munshi

The musical duo got introduced to the world of Gujarati poetry and literature at a very tender age. They extensively read, understood and wrote poems. Their love for poetry, melody, and harmony took them to a stage where compositions appeared as natural progressions. Mastering the discipline of composing music came through their profound understanding of poetry. Their experimentation and innovation with the melody, harmony, and percussion gave way to some truly blissful and enchanting experiences.

 Today, every note of their compositions radiates the meaning of the words encompassed within, and mesmerizes the listeners with profound insights into the beauty of life. Shyamal-Saumil have been carriers of this rich aspect of Gujarati language and culture. Through the medium of music they have been instrumental in spreading and consolidating Gujarati language throughout the world. Respecting their deep commitment to their valuable contribution to the field of Gujarati music, the Gujarat government bestowed upon Shyamal-Saumil the very prestigious ‘Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar’.

The best thing about Shyamal-Saumil is that they have adopted the best and interpreted it their own unique way, thus giving birth to some of music’s finest compositions. They have the distinction of having received pearls of wisdom from the legends themselves. They have comfortably established friendships with their contemporaries and have equally been enthusiastic in being inspirational to the new-comers. Perhaps that is why they have been able to receive so much warmth from all quarters of society and carve out a position for themselves which is beyond competition.

Every composition of Shyamal-Saumil is lively for all generations to follow and enjoy. Shyamal-Saumil are the bridge, that, through ‘Swarsetu’, connect the glorious past and promising future of Gujarati music.

Aarti Munshi
Aarti takes pride in having been guided by the stalwarts of this field from a very early age of her life. Blessed with an extraordinary memory, she has been able to keep alive several rare and valuable compositions of our culture, which would otherwise have been forgotten. Her passion for melody led her to choose music as her subject in academics; in her capacity as a music teacher, she imparts the right training of music to her innumerable students. She has received commendations for her versatility and perfection in all forms of Gujarati music, and has been extolled for being extremely articulate and emotive. She has been awarded the ‘the Best Female Playback Singer’ by the Government of Gujarat and has been placed in the list of “50 Most Influential Women” by the leading newspaper, Divya Bhaskar.

Shyamal Munshi
Dr. Shyamal Munshi is truly a distinct personality in the field of Gujarati music. In addition to being a talented singer and an accomplished composer, he is also a celebrated poet. His inclination towards humor has made him very expressive in what is known in Gujarati as Hasya Kavita. A doctor by profession, Dr. Shyamal Munshi is a revered and respected plastic surgeon, and has marveled myriads with his versatility. His contributions in the field of cosmetology have helped countless patients, but his love for music is inextinguishable; he balances his time between being a surgeon and composing and singing his music. The Government of Gujarat has bestowed on him the very prestigious ‘Gujarat Gaurav Puraskaar’

Saumil Munshi
A thinker and voracious reader, Saumil Munshi’s understanding of Gujarati poetry and literature has guided his compositions, his singing, and his music. Saumil Munshi has been able to strike the right balance between poetry and expression through his compositions. Even as a singer he brings songs to life with his rich baritone to cast his spell over listeners. Appreciating his accomplishment both as a singer and composer, the Government of Gujarat has awarded him with the esteemed ‘Gujarat Gaurav Puraskaar’. The Munshi trio stands on a high pedestal aided and abided by their inherent knowledge of music and everything attached with it. They have been lavished with the blessings from their elders in the field, whereas their contemporaries have high regards for them. They have, in the true sense, carved out a special place in the hearts and minds of Gujarati music lovers and admirers all across the globe.

Book your tickets for a delightful evening of Dandiya & Garba & celebrate Navaratri will full fervor!!

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Springers Leisure Centre

400 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough 3173 VIC Australia

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